About Lumina Land Indoor Playground in Vaughan
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About Us

About Us

Born out of a desire to give our son a clean, safe place where he could play and be engaged with exciting learning opportunities. Lumina Land is a true labor of love; a family run business created for families.


An Indoor Kids Playground with More

Not only did we want an indoor kids’ playground with lots of fun, colorful things for our son to play on, we also wanted there to be opportunities for him to learn and grow while he played.

This is why our kids play area includes a variety of books for children to browse. We find this is a great option to gives kids a minute of quiet time to rest when they need it, especially children who are a bit shy.

We also offer unique services like our professional photography studio, birthday parties and fun and informative classes to set ourselves apart from your average indoor kids playground.


Kids Indoor Playground for Everyone

Knowing that parents would be accompanying their little ones to our indoor kids playground, we knew the best way to make it great for everyone was to keep the adults in mind. This is why, in our kids play area you’ll find plenty of comfy seating and Wifi.

Relax and sit, check your email or even take a minute to just play a game on your phone while your child enjoys their time in our safe and super kid friendly play rooms.


Safe and Clean Indoor Kids Playground

Unsettled by the sometimes-lacking sanitary conditions in other kids play area options, we have made cleanliness and safety our top priority in every aspect of our indoor kids playground. From the front door to the playsets in our kids play area, we aim to make this a clean, comfortable and safe environment for everyone.


Ready to Try Lumina Indoor Kids Playground?

We love hearing from our customers! If you would like to set up a birthday party, inquire about classes or any of our other offerings, please fill out our contact form or call us at 905-850-0506.

E.g. Birthday/corporate event. Number of guests etc.

Always Here For You

An Indoor Kids Playground with More

What if kids could learn, play, socialize and get much-needed physical activity all in one place? Such a place exists in Lumina Land! More than just a playground, Lumina also offers classes, birthday party events, banquet hall options, professional photography and much more for kids and adults!