Kids Birthday Party Venues | Lumina Land Vaughan
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Birthday & Events

Events & Kids Birthday Party Venues

Let us do the work! Kids birthday parties can be fun and exciting but often stressful too. With so many little ones to watch, food to order, decorations to get and more, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Lumina makes this easier than ever on you! We also offer this same level of convenience for all your other celebrations and corporate events in our large banquet room.


The Best in Kids Birthday Party Places!

Finding kids birthday party places that are fun, clean and have enough space can be difficult, but Lumina Land makes it easier than ever by taking care of the planning and giving you plenty of choices to customize.

Our kids’ birthday parties include:

  • Private access to our spacious indoor play areas
  • Comfortable seating areas with WIFI
  • Catering choices including pizza, cake, and tons of healthy and fun snacks
  • Entertainment options including superheroes, clowns, magicians and much more
  • Invitations and decorations
  • Unlimited coffee and access to juice boxes and water bottles
  • Professional event photography
  • Loot bags and/or gift cards

Choose from one of our standard kids’ birthday party packages then customize it with decorations, entertainment and delicious food. Once you’re done telling us what you want, your only other job is to show up!


Other Events

Lumina Land isn’t just for kids’ birthday parties! We offer event space for all your celebrations including baby showers, New Year’s Eve parties, graduations and much more. When you book your event, you’ll have access to all the same options we offer for kids;’ birthday party packages including decorations, catering and photography.


Scheduling Your Kids Birthday Party and Events

Ready to start planning your event with us? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to learn about all your event planning options and to speak to us, your kids’ birthday party and event planning experts!

E.g. Birthday/corporate event. Number of guests etc.

Always Here For You

An Indoor Kids Playground with More

What if kids could learn, play, socialize and get much-needed physical activity all in one place? Such a place exists in Lumina Land! More than just a playground, Lumina also offers classes, birthday party events, banquet hall options, professional photography and much more for kids and adults!