Green Room - Vaughan Indoor Playground
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Green Room

Green Room

Get wild in our jungle-themed green room! Kids can explore this spacious play space complete with dozens of places to climb, run, and jump for hours of healthy, immersive fun!


Play Structure Features

Our green jungle room features:

  • Three separate slides
  • Huge climbing structure
  • A bouncy castle
  • Special toddlers’ area
  • Large chalkboard for creative fun
  • Cars and bikes to move around the play area
  • Dining area for kids and adults
  • Completely private space for parties


Safety Features

Like with all our children friendly areas, our green room is designed to maximize fun and minimize the chance for injury. This is why the green room includes a super soft floor to make falls easier and running safe. Each play structure is designed without sharp edges and takes every precaution to make it safe and comfortable to play on.

We also take extra strides to ensure the play area is thoroughly disinfected and that there are adequate supplies for hand washing between play time and snacks.


Book the Green Room for an Event or Free Play

Our Green room is available for private birthday parties and other celebrations. You can also opt to come in during our free play afternoons and pay a single low price for an all-day pass with in and out privileges! Call 905-850-0506.

E.g. Birthday/corporate event. Number of guests etc.

Always Here For You

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