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Newborn Pictures

Newborn Pictures

Get the best in newborn photos with the expert photographers at Lumina Land! We offer a wide range of packages to suit your budget, schedule and needs. Choose from a range of props and backgrounds to personalize your look.


Best Time for Newborn Photos

While a newborn is usually considered any child from birth to around two months, the optimal time for newborn pictures are within the first two weeks. Even though you can still get beautiful photos after this point, the first two weeks offer the best options for the snuggly baby poses you imagine when you think of newborn photos.

This is because, during the first two weeks your baby will be much more apt to sleep and will not have discovered just how fun it is to stretch and move around. After two weeks, they will be much more lively and entertaining, but much harder to get into proper poses.


Including Family Members in Newborn Pictures

Lumina Land can accommodate a variety of setups for your newborn photos and we encourage you to make it a family event when possible. This is an especially good time to include older children as a special way to bond with their new sibling and to help them feel a part of the experience.


When to Schedule Your Newborn Photos

While Lumina Land will always do our best to accommodate you and your child, we recommend scheduling your newborn pictures as soon as possible. Consider using us for your pregnancy photo shoot and inquiring about dates for your newborn pictures at that time. This will give you plenty of choice for dates and time to prepare.


Quick Tips for Dressing on the Day of Newborn Pictures

Generally, we recommend keeping it simple on the day of your newborn photos. To get the lovely, natural look that is popular for newborn pictures, choose flowing fabrics in neutral tones and pastels for any adult or child who will be in the photos. The color palette is, obviously, up to you but this is what we find to be most comfortable.

For more day of tips and to schedule your newborn photos, please contact us at 905-850-0506. We can’t wait to help you welcome your new family member!

E.g. Birthday/corporate event. Number of guests etc.

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