Kids Photography | Photo Studio Vaughan
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Photo Studio

Photo Studio

At Lumina Land, we offer the best in kids photography, baby photography, and family photography in addition to our event planning and hosting services.  Choose our kids photography packages as an add-on to our birthday parties and events or schedule a portrait for beautiful photos to hang, share and enjoy.


Kids Photography

When searching for a kids photographer, you need a professional who knows how to make children feel comfortable in front of the camera. At Lumina Land, our dedicated kids photographer is able to create a welcoming environment for you and your kids, allowing us to capture both formal portraits and joyous candid moments.


Baby Photography

Capturing the first few weeks of your baby’s life are a precious memory to look back on for years to come. To get the best newborn baby photography, the photos should be done within the first two weeks of your child’s life, before they discover how fun stretching and moving around is! To make sure you get the timeslot you need to make this happen, we encourage you to schedule an appointment well in advance of your due date. This will also take something off your to-do list during those super busy first few weeks!

All our newborn and baby photography options include choices of background, props and more. We highly recommend taking whole family portraits with your new baby as a special memory for you and your child as they grow.


Photography for All Occasions

Lumina Land specializes in baby photography and kids photography along with packages for maternity, family and event photos. With over 10 years of professional photography experience, we know what it takes to make you look your absolute best in any photo!

Do you need photography services for portraits or events? Contact us to learn more about our photography packages. We can’t wait to get started capturing memories with you!

E.g. Birthday/corporate event. Number of guests etc.

Always Here For You

An Indoor Kids Playground with More

What if kids could learn, play, socialize and get much-needed physical activity all in one place? Such a place exists in Lumina Land! More than just a playground, Lumina also offers classes, birthday party events, banquet hall options, professional photography and much more for kids and adults!